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App Placement Integration
App Placement Parameters
We recommend creating an iFrame on your application, and setting the src attribute to the designated url to render your offerwall.
Parameter Description Required?
UserID Unique User ID, will be sent to your postback url in order to compensate the user. Yes.
AppPlacementID The placement id of your offerwall. Yes.
params Additional parameters specified by you that you will receive in your postback request. If there are multiple parameters we recommend seperating them by a key and then splitting them on the backend. May be up to 255 characters long. No.
Example Postback Integration
Response Data
The syntax for variable integration in the postback url is as followings {variable}.
Success Status - In the event of a successful request. Please return the status code of 200. All requests will be sent from our postback ip of, please whitelist only this ip in your backend.
Offer Object Key Data Type Description
user_id String The user id that was supplied as a parameter in the offerwall.
points_payout String The amount of points you will need to reward to the user.
usd_payout Number provides the amount of money you've earned in USD, that you've received from the offer.
offer_title String The name of the offer that was completed.
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transaction_id String Provides the transaction ID of the conversion - this value is always unique, for security purposes make sure it is.
offer_id String The id of the offer that was completed.
user_ip String The ip of the user who completed the conversion. Recommended for use in anti-fraud measures.
params String The parameters supplied in the offerwall url.